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Laboratory Testing

MatriScope conducts a wide variety of laboratory testing services, both in support of our geotechnical and environmental engineering and construction inspection services. 

We offer the following laboratory testing services:

  • Aggregate testing, including sulfate soundness & relative mortar strength evaluation

  • Asphalt concrete testing, including asphalt content by the ignition oven

  • Concrete testing, including drying/shrinkage testing and trial batch services

  • High-strength bolt testing, including hardness, tensile strength & proof load testing

  • Masonry materials testing, including drying shrinkage & full size prism

  • Soil-cement & grout testing, including tie of set, compressive strength & consistency testing

  • Soils testing, including organic content evaluation, triaxial strength & permeability

  • Structural steel testing, including rebar & steel cable prestressing, tensile strength & elongation of steel samples

In addition to conducting laboratory testing services, we also perform testing of standard construction materials, such as asphalt, concrete, masonry, soils and steel. The lab is staffed by highly trained and experienced technicians. All reports and procedures are under the direct supervision of our Senior Geotechnical Engineer who is responsible for certifying test results for compliance and accuracy.

MatriScope’s testing laboratory equipment and facilities are in compliance with the standards set forth by ASTM International and holds many certifications.

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