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QA/QC Testing

The larger the construction project, the more critical the need for precise and immediate quality assurance and quality control services. MatriScope specializes in meeting the challenges of these types of large-scale construction efforts.

MatriScope specializes in meeting the challenges of large-scale projects by providing dedicated, on-site laboratories staffed with full-time project engineers and technicians.

Dedicated project testing and inspections is one of MatriScope’s strengths. We have provided these services on industrial, civic, educational, infrastructure, transportation and commercial projects.

Dedicated project testing and inspection services provides added value beyond the immediate results, including:

  • On-site engineer for construction

  • Immediate test results and reports

  • Continuity of personnel

  • Constant communication with the client and job site

  • Familiarity with practices and procedures at the site

  • Full service laboratory for remote projects

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