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What lies under your property is as important as what you build above it. At MatriScope, we have the experience and expertise to apply known natural principles to establish the geologic context in which we perform subterranean geotechnical investigations for our clients. 

Our comprehensive geotechnical services include:

  • Bedrock excavation & rippability studies

  • Cement treated base or lime treated sub-base design

  • Distressed structure investigations

  • Drilled pier observations

  • Driven piles analysis

  • Due diligence feasibility studies

  • Floor flatness studies

  • Foundation investigations

  • Geotechnical engineering laboratory services

  • Installation & monitoring of piezometers and settlement gauges

  • On-site geotechnical testing

  • Pavement analysis & design

  • Pile load test and driving observations

  • Preliminary & design-level geotechnical investigations

  • Retaining wall design

  • Seepage studies

  • Seismic surveys

  • Site-specific earthquake ground response analyses

  • Slope & embankment stability studies

  • Soil & engineering reports

  • Specific plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR) consultations

  • Supervision of reinforced earth construction

Properly performed geotechnical engineering improves foundation designs, reduces construction delays, and aids in the assessment of environmental risks. Our professional staff excels when it comes to deep foundations and creative design solutions incorporating the use of dewatering systems, driven piles, caissons, drilled piers, mat foundations, sheet piles, shoring and underpinning systems and associated load test programs necessary to confirm design performance. 

Our comprehensive geotechnical recommendations begin with an initial subsurface investigation to assess subsurface soil conditions. A complete laboratory testing program is then applied in order to determine soil strength and other soil parameters. A report of our conclusions and recommendations is then provided for use during the remaining design and construction effort. During grading, underground installation and foundation excavation services are also employed to perform construction inspection, compaction testing, and foundation observation.

MatriScope maintains a fleet of land and marine subsurface exploration equipment, providing the most cost-effective means to determine conditions. Our crews are backed by the expertise of our senior engineers and laboratory technicians.

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